Presents our absentee mail/phone bid cataloged auction #60 of Patent Medicines, Pills, Tins, Apothecary/Drugstore and Advertising items.

Closing date: Saturday March 5th, 2016 at 10:00 pm EST

Some of the highlights to include:

Labeled Patent Medicines: The First Session of the Dan Cowman Warner’s Collection: Tonic Bitters, Tippecanoe, Log Cabin Scalpine w/box!, Log Cabin Extract w/box, Log Cabin Sarsaparilla, Rare, Log Cabin Rose Cream, 2 Different Diabetes Remedies, Safe Rheumatic Cure, ½ pt. Safe Nervine (Slugplate A&D.H.C), 12 ½ oz Nervine w/box, Warner’s Sedative, 3 Different Labeled Samples for: Safe Cure, Diabetes Remedy and Nervine. Dr. Kilmer’s: Female Remedy, Heart Medicine, Autumn Leaf Ext. and Herbal Extract for Uterine Injection bottles. Rare, Dr. Stanley’s Celery Malt Nerve Remedy from LeRoy,NY, Dr. Moen’s Blood Purifier. Dr. McLean’s Cordial, Sarsaparilla and Kidney & Liver Balm. Prickly Ash Bitters w/box, Dr. Walker’s Vinegar Bitters, Doyle’s Hop Bitters, Dr. Harter’s Wild Cherry Bitters sample.  Shaker: Mother Seigel’s Curative Syrup, Norwood’s Tinct. Viride, Shaker Family Pills. Milkglass Champlin’s Liquid Pearl, Nice, Cobalt Blue Kickapoo Sage Hair Tonic, Kickapoo Oil, Jacquots One Night Cough Remedy, Radam’s Microbe Killer, Wishart’s Pine Tree Tar Cordial, Dr. Crook’s Wine of Tar, Dr. Brown’s Young American Liniment, Kennedy’s Medical Discovery and Rheumatic Liniment, Dr. Pettit’s and Dr. Thompson’s Eye Waters, Hawker’s Nerve & Stomach Tonic, Dennis’ Blood Liver & Kidney Cure, Penn Rheumatism Cure, Ayer’s Ague Cure. Dr. Miles: Alterative Compound and Heart Treatment bottles plus 2 different scarce Sample bottles.  Dr. Jaynes Tonic Vermifuge and Carminative Balsam bottles. Many of the above with original boxes also!!!!

 Tins:  Tooth Powders: Royal, Dr. Hyman’s, Painless Parker, Mogene, California Perfume Co., McCormick & Co., Piso’s, Watkins, Dr. Baldwin’s, Perdentyl. Sample size Tooth Tins: California Perfume Co., Kal-Pheno, Euthymol. Tooth Powder bottles: Vail Bros. 2 Different Dental Tooth Key’s = one with Ivory Handle.

Other tins: Rare, Warner’s Safe Asthma Remedy and sample Warner’s Safe Pills. Dr. Matchette’s Indian Tobacco Treatment, Dr. Charcot’s Kola Nervine Tablets, Dr. Constan’s Nerve Pills, Baco-Curo, Elvita Pills, Smith’s Triple Cure Pills, Dr. Dunlop’s Quick Relief, Nyal’s Eye Salve, Indian Remedy – the Great Family Medicine, William’s Baby Talc, Complete, Dr. Welbourn’s Anti-Bilious Pills Display, Unusual Counter Display for Synvita Family Remedies, group lots etc…..

5 lb Cough Drop Store Tins: Mrs. Dinsmore’s, Dyer’s Indian Herb, Pettits & Smith’s.

Pills: Sex-Ine Pills, Dr. R.A Wilson’s Tonic Cathartic Pills, Mrs. Hadley’s Indian Preparation, Helmbold’s Catawba Grape Juice Pills, Dr. Pleak’s Blood & Nerve Tonic Display, Chamberlain’s Stomach & Liver Tablets Counter Display, nice Madden Eye Medicin Counter Display, Munyon’s & Humphrey’s group lots and more!!  Machine, Dr. Macaura’s Blood Circulator, Poison Bottles etc…..

Apothecary:  Nice, Cut Glass Diamond Pattern Stacking Showglobe, Unusual, Wall Mount Showglobe with Crown top, Huge Etched Glass Cologne Jar, Porcelain Leech Jar, Leech Bowls, Label Under Glass Jars in Clear, Amber, Green & Cobalt Blue! Nice Warner’s Pedestal Based Jar, 2 Early Amethyst Carboy Storage Jars, Mander, Weaver & Co. Pill Tile, Inverted Merck Jars, Pill Silverer, Fox, Fultz & Webster Suppository

Veterinary: Labeled bottles = King’s Pink Eye & Distemper Cure, Elkay’s Veterinary Eye Wash, Common Sense Horse Liniment, Dr. Kay’s Kentucky Liniment, Conkey’s Bronchitis Remedy and Canker Special bottles, 3 Different Merchant’s Gargling Oils, Frazier’s Compound, Dr. Daniels’ Pileozion, Severa’s Horse Liniment etc…

Packages = Dr. LeGear’s Hog Prescription, Dr. LeGear’s Stock powder, Dr. Hess Heave Powder, Capitol Poultry Remedy. Signs: Dr. David Robert’s Disinfectall & Gall Balm.

 Books: Druggist Catalogs: 1881 Noyes Bros, 1878-79 Hall & Ruckel, 1888 VanSchaack, 1901 Morrisson Plummer & Co., 1872 Valentine Smith and more!!

Great selection of Reference Books, Advertising Billheads & Letterheads etc…..

Advertising:  Signs:  Great, Dr. Kilmers Standard Herbal Remedies with body inside bottle plus 3 other Dr. Kilmer Swamp-Root signs, Warner’s Kidney & Liver Cure, 2 Different Ayer’s Cherry Pectoral, 2 Different Green’s August Flower Shut the Door Signs, Dr. Sherman’s Prickly Ash Bitters, Unusual Dr. King’s New Discovery Die-Cut sign, Perry Davis Vegetable Pain Killer Tin Litho. Reverse on Glass Signs: Nice, Dr. Walker’s California Vinegar Bitters, Warner’s Log Cabin Sarsaparilla, 2 Different Dr. Jayne’s, 2 Different Murine. Nice, Bromo-Soda Cures Headache LUG Counter Jar, Dr. King’s Counter Jar. 2 Unusual Radam’s Microbe Killer Stoneware Jugs. Syrup of Figs and Green’s August Flower Advertising Mirrors. Rare, Dr. Kilmer’s Standard Herbal Remedies Trade Card. Selection of wood shipping crates & more!!



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